The Team - A Collaborative Approach….

Getting the best people to do the job- that is the key.  Mark heads up all RedTree Research projects and brings in team members as required to ensure that the best job possible is done for our clients.

This will involve bringing in team members who have expertise in:

  • Fieldwork management- to allow any scale of qual or quant project to be undertaken- on-line, face to face, over the phone, in the post
  • Strategy and sectorial experts- to allow insight to be generated in the most meaningful way- e.g. in social marketing, in general communications, in specific areas of commercial importance like travel, tourism, financial services, retail, construction, etc.

Mark Cuthbert - Head of RedTree Research

I have more than 20 years of experience of working in research and strategy development across the UK. And my job is a privilege. My first presentation ever was to the board of one of Scotland’s biggest 10 companies. At that moment I realised that what I do is massively important. Since then I have been lucky enough to undertake research and help develop strategies for an extraordinary array of clients in politics, commerce, social marketing and the third sector.

Mark Cuthbert

Mark Cuthbert